The view from my perch on the mountain


Lessons Learned:

That itty bitty chair THE BOSS uses as a step stool to reach the stuff in the cabinets is an accident waiting to happen!

Said itty bitty chair decided to depart from under my feet this afternoon and I really triggered my back this time!

I blame this on THE BOSS because she was in the same room at the time and was negligent in supervising my actions. (I hope she doesn’t read this)

The meds are kicking in nicely and I will survive .

Man am I ever glad my new La-Z-Boy was delivered a week ago! I’ll be stuck in it for the near future…… a drug induced haze.

Now where is my little bell? I need it to ring for ice cream and some comic books.


Oh there you are. It’s about time.

Wait…..what are you going to do with that skillet?





Oh look at all the little burdies……..fireworks, too!


Sick, lame and lazy

Today started out fine with beautiful weather and low pain levels. Then the madness struck THE BOSS and me simultaneously. We spent the day working on flower beds.


Now we’re both hobbling around moaning and groaning. My back is so bad I can barely walk WITH a cane! THE BOSS even had to help me get dressed when I got out of the shower which was an adventure in itself. We both have a nice dose of sunburn to add to the misery…….but it’s a good kind of pain, well earned and something nice to show for our efforts…..besides my ever growing collection of cuts, scrapes and bruises.

I should call Band-Aid and see if they need a spokesman…..or a crash test dummy. I easily qualify, either way.

Pictures of the project  to follow…..when I can shoot again.

Yeah, it’s that bad.