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A Different Kind of Burd

Even though I’m mesmerized by THE BOSS’s Old maid’s Bonnets I didn’t start out to shoot them this afternoon.  That said, I couldn’t resist getting a few frames.


Frankie spotted a new visitor to our feeders yesterday, a male Red Breasted Grosbeak, and I was soon at the window trying to shoot a few frames  without spooking him. What I managed to get just weren’t good enough to post but I’ll keep trying.

When the grosbeak returned this afternoon, accompanied by a Red Bellied Woodpecker, I grabbed the cameras and slipped out the front door as quietly as I could. I didn’t make it into position without spooking them both but decided to sit quietly at the picnic table out back in the hopes they’d return.

The burds didn’t return while I was out there but I did manage to shoot several frames of another flying critter. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed shooting them. These were all shot handheld with my Sigma 150-500MM optically stabilized lens from about 15 feet.














Backyard Color

As the sun was setting this evening:


Seed pods in our maple waiting to join the billion or so already carpeting the lawn. When I was a kid we called these thing whirlybirds because of the spinning motion when they fall through the air. Those on the ground will really be spinning tomorrow when I run them over with the Dandelion Destroyer!


Mourning Dove on a power line


THE BOSS’s home world The moon


A Brown Shirted Ticket Scribbler (one of Wythe County’s finest) on the Idiot Strip


Frankie’s Old Maid’s Bonnets are growing like mad!