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Archive for March 19, 2012

We interrupt our programming…….

… bring you the following public service announcement.


I hereby declare winter to be officially over.


Yep, sunny and 75!


If a broke down old geezer like me can get out and mow the lawn….


Hold on a sec…….I need to wet my whistle…….


Now where was I? Oh yes……if a beat up old fat boy like me can get out and do yard w….w….w…. mow the lawn you healthy folks ain’t got no excuse. Now turn off the computer, get outside and enjoy the nice weather. If the weather’s not nice where you are what better excuse for a road trip than to enjoy springtime in Virginia?

P.S. I haven’t been online much the past few days because I’ve been as messed up as a soup sammich. My back has been giving me fits!

P.P.S. I probably won’t be online at least the rest of the day because the engine vibration from riding the Dandelion Destroyer around the yard triggered my back and THE BOSS just gave me a dose of pain meds. The cartoons in my head should begin any minute now.

P.P.P.S. The preceding is all THE BOSS’s fault. She knows I can’t be left at home without adult supervision. At least she got some good pictures of the crotchety old bear  she’s been putting up with for the past 25 years! (That would be me.)

I wonder what’s taking the rescue squad so long. THE BOSS said she called them to come haul me off to the emergency room. Sure hope they get here soon. After dark the critters come out and the last thing I need is to get dragged off into the woods by a gang of raccoons………again!