The view from my perch on the mountain

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No, my lenses aren’t dirty, that’s snow falling past the window.


I’ve seen large numbers of birds flocking around the feeders when bad weather is moving in but never more than one or two cardinals at a time. Yesterday afternoon there were at least a dozen at one time.


This male seems to have gotten his belly full and debating whether to stay or go home.


This female is in bird heaven, sitting in a pile of feed under the metal roof on this feeder.


The ground is still fairly warm so the scattered snow showers didn’t leave much on the ground but all of the birds took advantage of the recently filled feeders, just in case.


Back in action…….sort of

I know, I know…….I haven’t been around lately and many of you are wondering if Frankie has finally managed to have me committed.

Not yet but she is working on it.

Actually, I’m still dealing with medical issues and just haven’t been up to blogging or even spending much time online. So far the doctors have done a pretty good job of telling me what is not wrong but still haven’t come up with a firm diagnosis.

My primary clinician is a little upset that I refuse to take two of the medications he prescribed but the side effects are worse than the illness so he’s just going to have to get over it. The other meds keep me pretty much sedated and that;s why I haven’t been around. To give you an idea of just how out of it I’ve been, I’ve only shot about 2 dozen frames since my last post on the 8th and they’re still on the memory card in one of the cameras.

There is a bright side to all of this. I’ll be well rested when it’s time to hitch up the dawgs to the truck and lend my northern cousin Kris a hand with his deliveries next month.

Brace yourselves………….


Y’all may want to check your door and window locks and make sure the smoke alarm is in working condition. Ya never know what’s gonna happen when Bubba parks the truck on your roof and tumbles down your chimney.