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October Moon

According to the calendar we’re due for a Harvest Moon this coming week. Naturally, according to the forecast from the National Weather Service in Blacksburg, Virginia, we’re supposed to have mostly cloudy skies and a 50% chance of rain Tuesday night through Thursday night.


On the off chance that the forecast is wrong, as is often he case, I was out experimenting with my longest lens and newest camera in the back yard last night.


These images were shot, hand held, with my Canon EOS Rebel T3 DSLR and Sigma 150-500MM optically stabilized zoom lens.


While I’m pleased with the way these frames turned out, the camera and lens combination weighs in at a little over 5 lbs. While that may not seem like a lot, holding that rascal still while pointing it up at the sky is a TOUGH, especially after shooting a couple of dozen frames!  Thanks you Sigma for the optical stabilization feature.


If we get a break in the cloud cover Wednesday evening I’ll use a tripod and remote shutter release to eliminate any camera shake and see what I come up with.