The view from my perch on the mountain

This can’t be good!

Reposted from my Blogger page. Give me a break folks I’m rapidly losing what’s left of my mind…….and here’s why:

Copyright note: Feel free to ignore the copyright notice in the right sidebar. I stole all of these images from the Internet. The same holds true for the video. The insane rambling is mine, all mine!

I can feel my Newman coming out!

The “heat dome” covering a huge section of the land of the formerly free and home of the useless, do nothing but shovel manure and tell lies about their opponents politicians has had me trapped indoors for days where the A/C allows me to breathe. It’s comfortable but I’m going stir crazy!

Let this be a lesson: Smoking will kill you! A pack a day for 40 years left me with 40% lung capacity which will never improve. It also gave me the “gift” of COPD in the form of chronic bronchial asthma which at this time of year is triggered by even a little exertion (read waving my cane and cussing like a sailor on shore leave every time I see that idjit across the street out tryin’ to herd her cats)  in high heat and humidity.

If you are a smoker put that damned thing out! This is a smoke free blog!


While I sit here wishing for a foot of snow to magically appear I’ve found myself being drawn into the clutches of online retailers who carry stuff I just gots to have! One of those items is a larger camera bag. Just as some of you who are of the female persuasion amass a huge collection of shoes, purses, whips and chains, oh my!, etc. the past two+ years spent amassing enough photo equipment to shoot pictures of everything in the known universe has caused me to purchase an assortment of camera bags, each larger than the previous one. At current count I have 6 …… 7 if you count the tripod case and none of them are large enough.

I don’t necessarily need to carry EVERTHING when I go out shooting. I just like to keep all my gear together where I can find it. Splitting my gear between several bags is a cast iron guarantee that while out shooting 40 miles back in the hollers I’ll say %#@*&@!! I need such and such and it’s in the other bag at home!”

Well, today I ordered a new bag and it should be large enough to hold everything and still have room for the gear I already have and any items I accumulate over the next few months……. I hope. For some strange reason I have the feeling that I’ll be buying a steamer trunk in the not too distant future.


Ape Case AC PRO4000

This is what I ordered. It even has detachable wheels! If I post a photo of a motorized version in the near future it will mean that A) It’s too heavy for me to carry, B) Ditto for Buddy, C) my riding mower is no longer operational D) My bag is now motorized and E) I’m living out in the storage shed because THE BOSS done found out how much I’ve spent on camera gear!


4 responses

  1. You definitely need a motorised version …. or is that Ape case because it comes with an ape to carry it for you??

    July 23, 2011 at 3:20 PM

    • Now THAT would be a handy accessory……only drawback I can foresee would be the ape making me carry the bag.

      July 23, 2011 at 3:26 PM

  2. Get a pet donkey. They can carry a lot of stuff around.

    LOL It has been very hot up in the Shenandoah Valley, at least 109+ with the heat index. There is a code orange on the air in the Roanoke area. I have stayed indoors most all of the week with the AC on full blast.

    July 24, 2011 at 6:38 AM

  3. That bag looks big enough to carry Buddy as well, LOL watch out or he’ll be hitching a ride. Thanks millions for your visit Chip, much appreciated.

    July 24, 2011 at 4:41 PM

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