The view from my perch on the mountain

The Golden Hour

A few more from the beach I grew up on, shot on our trip home earlier in the month.


That haze in the air was actually smoke from two wild fires burning in the marshes of Eastern North Carolina.


I had mixed feelings about that. Besides the environmental damage the smoke also aggravated my asthma, keeping me indoors where I could breathe.


On the other hand it also produced some spectacular sunsets.


Pure stubbornness and my rescue inhaler allowed me to shoot this series using my long lens.


8 responses

  1. penelopephoebe

    These are really lovely, Chip.

    June 29, 2011 at 10:23 PM

  2. beautiful – by knowing the circumstances, it’s the innocent beauty of a rainbow-coloured oil spot on a wet street.

    June 30, 2011 at 2:09 AM

  3. Chip
    These are wonderful pics, I can see why you love this beach so much
    Take care

    June 30, 2011 at 7:54 AM

  4. smoke on the water?

    June 30, 2011 at 7:56 AM

  5. Beautiful sunsets 🙂 Wolfie would look good glowing in the background ;))

    June 30, 2011 at 1:04 PM

  6. Lovely pics Chip, look like paintings, I like them

    June 30, 2011 at 3:28 PM

  7. Marvelous!

    Warm hug.

    June 30, 2011 at 9:51 PM

  8. Really spectacular sunsets. I have a reactive type of asthma, but have found after reading more about Vitamin D and increasing the dose I take I don’t get into as much trouble as I had been.

    July 2, 2011 at 9:34 AM

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