The view from my perch on the mountain

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Mom’s house is well known amongst the wildlife living in the vicinity of her home. Her neighborhood is located next to one of the city parks and the critters know Mom is always good for a handout so squirrels, rabbits and ducks are frequent visitors.


This pair shows up every afternoon and they’re not the least bit skittish around humans.


The male usually stands watch while the female grazes.


Once she’s had her fill she takes her turn at watch while her mate eats.


One afternoon the visitors got a rude surprise when I turned Buddy loose in the backyard to take care of business. I had forgotten about the ducks but Buddy hadn’t. He had a ball chasing them out of the yard. I think he may have been trying to play with them and was puzzled when they took flight. I also think he was trying to figure out how they did that because it looked like a lot of fun.


The next afternoon I was taking a short siesta when I was awakened by quacking that seemed to be coming from just outside the open window. Looking outside I didn’t see any ducks so I went outside to see where the noise was coming from.


Yep, they were on the roof! First time I ever saw ducks perched on a roof but they were definitely “Buddy proof” up there.


“Hey, Fat Boy, toss the feed up here. we know that big red dog can’t jump this high!”


The Golden Hour

A few more from the beach I grew up on, shot on our trip home earlier in the month.


That haze in the air was actually smoke from two wild fires burning in the marshes of Eastern North Carolina.


I had mixed feelings about that. Besides the environmental damage the smoke also aggravated my asthma, keeping me indoors where I could breathe.


On the other hand it also produced some spectacular sunsets.


Pure stubbornness and my rescue inhaler allowed me to shoot this series using my long lens.