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No carpentry today………..

I wrecked my back and I’m taking a break. You might want to mark your calendar at this rare instance of surrender to common sense on my part. It could be years before it happens again.

No wandering the back roads with Buddy………

Last week I momentarily lost my mind….or what’s left of it……..and I also lost Godzilla (my beloved Ford Expedition).

THE BOSS has been afraid to drive the truck because it’s so big and she’s so small. On one of her days off last week I “accidentally missed my turn” and the next turn “just happened” to be onto a lonely back road. I climbed out of the truck, told Frankie to swap places and off we went. After a few miles with no accidents and no opposing traffic she was hooked on the power and the view from way up there and was flying down one of the main county roads. She even whipped that big green monster into the Wal-Mart parking lot to pick up a few items. On the way out again she had that “Go ahead and pull out in front of me now!” gleam in her eye and I knew I was a walking man, once again.

No sitting in the backyard shooting burd photos…….

The neighbors are mowing and the burds done vamoosed, at least for the time being. They’re already upset at me for hanging out under their tree……and the feeders…..most of the past 2 days making all kinds of racket with the power tools and the obligatory swearing.

Oh well…….there is a bright side.


If THE BOSS isn’t wiped out from her shift at Sheetz we’re meeting up with the in laws at Foster Falls in New River Trail State Park for a cookout, maybe a little worm drowning fishing and maybe a few shots of the bald eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) I spotted nesting across the river from the park on an earlier visit. I don’t have enough lens to get any decent shots of them on the nest but I may get lucky and catch them in flight.

We shall see…….

All these no’s reminds me of a song from the days of my misspent youth. Now it’s stuck in my head. If you click play below and it gets stuck in yours as well don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Go, Lurch, go!

After all these years I still think Morticia Addams (Carolyn Jones) is a dish!


Here We Go Again

For those of you who have risked whiplash while shaking your head over some of the things I do to myself (and admit to) this will probably come as no surprise. Spring Fever (aka THE MADNESS) has seized me once more. 

You’ll note that Frankie is running for her life in the first frame. After 25 years she has learned that when I get THAT LOOK in my eye it’s best to get far, far away. Of course, yesterday being my 27th birthday……again……she refrained from employing BANGY! BANGY! (the swift and repeated application of a cast iron skillet to my headbone until I change my mind…..what’s left of it).


As I was out shooting photos of Frankie’s Azaleas in bloom I happened to note the sorry state of our picnic table.


Four Blue Ridge Mountain winters have really done a number on this poor thing.


Among other career paths (just call me a jack of all trades, master on none) I actually got paid to bend nails risk self inflicted amputation drive the site foreman to wonder if he had been drunk when he hired me work as a carpenter for a couple of years. A quick appraisal of that poor table revealed that I could salvage the frame but would have to replace the table and bench tops.

Piece of cake!



As with most home improvement projects, a simple project soon turned into a major pain…..literally! After two days of what has become a construction project rather than a repair my already screwed up back is killing me! Before my accident I could have built a new table in an afternoon. Of course, before my accident, I would have gotten by with repairing the table rather than building a new one.

At least the folks at Lowe’s are happy because I take the time to visit their web site before handing Frankie a list and saying “I need this.” She then drives to the store, walks up to the customer service counter, slaps the list on the counter and says “I need this.” The list even has the sku numbers and price so all they have to do is send one of their evil minions scurrying through the aisles to retrieve the items on the list.

Construction should be complete by tomorrow afternoon. I would say that all I had to do after that was stain and seal the finished table. I’m not saying anything of the sort even though I am about half stoned out of what’s left of my mind on prescription pain killers. That statement always gets me in trouble and I’m not tempting fate anymore until I start my next “simple” project.

At least, so far, I haven’t lost any fing…..

Oh no……you’re not going to read about me losing a thumb…….or maybe an ear applying stain. You may laugh but with me anything is possible! Is that neck starting to bother you a little bit now?

More photos to follow.