The view from my perch on the mountain

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We Are Not Amused!


A week into spring already and Mother Nature decides to give me this view from the porch this morning!


“I knew I should have expected something like this when I saw that dufus Roket Man putting his snow shovel away! I don’t even know why he drags it out each autumn………he never uses it!”


The maple tree is trying to leaf out.


“ If you had listened to me we could have saved the trip south, stayed in Canada and I could have spent the money on a new flak vest for next hunting season!”


“ I don’t care if it snows as long as my pond doesn’t freeze over.”




“We are not amused!”

From the Inbox

I may be wealthy!!! Mom always taught me to share so if anyone out there would care to get in on this by all means, do!


Good thing to write you,

we Have A Proposal for you, INTEND to establishe we with you in your Which Country Is Not mandatory rules however will Compel In Any Manner Honour to you Against your will.

Dearest I am Anthony and my sister Morine of Our late Mr and Parents Mrs Kone Kurubos. Our Father Was a highly reputable business magnet-(acocoa merchant) WHO operated in Abidjan capital of Ivory Coast During historical days.It That is sad to say I Passed away mysteriously in France During one of historical business trips abroad.

Though His sudden death Was linked or Suspected to Have Been Rather masterminded by an uncle of ours Who Travelled with Him at That Time. But God knows the truth! "Our mother died When We Where small, and since then Our Father took us so special.Before His death, My father Called Me and Told me that I have the sum of (USD $ 15,000.000) (Fifteen MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS) deposited with a security company as a Trunk box Cote’D Ivoire in west Africa.

Weitere I Told me that I deposited the box with the name of a business partner while i am the next of kin and That the security Company That Is Not aware the content of the box is cash. We are just young 20 years old and 18 to highy school and college people, Knowledge of business with little Which is why we are in Need of a Whom partner will assist us to get this fund released for Investments his or her country in while I will proceed with Our education.

Dear, We are in a sincere desire of your humble assistance program on this Regard, and your suggestions and ideas will be highly appreciated.Now FEW These permit us ask questions?

1. Can you honestly do this transaction with us?

2.Can We trust you?

Please, Consider this and get back to us as soon as possible so That We do Give you the full informations That will be need. And We will want you To Know That You Are We Have the frist person contact for this transaction.

Thank you so much and God bless you abundantly.

Best regards,

Anthony and Morine Kurubos

Spell check had a fit with this but I felt it might detract from the message if I altered it in any way. I do have one concern; if this guy passed away in France before he wrote this do I still get the money?