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Rain and mist

Much needed rain is falling and the cloud deck is hanging close to the ground. The flat light was just right for a few monochrome shots.


The high winds we’ve had the past couple of weeks have really done a job on the older, disused buildings in the area. Many have sections of metal roof peeled back while others have collapsed.


I can’t help but wonder what became of the workers at the feed mill when it was shut down and abandoned. I’ll have to ask Fish hook if he knows because it shut it’s doors long before we moved here.


Rain or shine, life goes on in the natural world. Even though it was so wet that the “beards” on these two wild turkey gobblers were plastered to their chests they were on the prowl for food as well as hens. mating season is just about to get under way and they’ll be rounding up their harems soon.


What’s on the card?

Recovering from the recent construction project has kept me close to home the past few days. There is still a little trim work to do on our new front porch but that will have to wait until I can get around a little better. After demolishing the porch rails, replacing the posts and installing new rails my already wrecked back has been giving me so much trouble that I’ve spent most of the last three days under the influence of prescription pain killers with my butt glued to my La-Z-Boy.

I’m thankful for the help I got from my wife, Frankie (THE BOSS), our daughter Laura and my brother in law, Barry (Fish Hook). Without the three of them helping the job wouldn’t have gotten done and it really needed doing. Besides doing most of the lifting they also kept a close eye on me and were ready to give me hell if I pushed myself too hard. It’s really frustrating for me to have the knowledge and experience to undertake a project only to have my physical limitations get in the way. That frustration usually leads to my pushing myself too hard and I end up paying the consequences. This was one of those times. I’m mobile once again but still taking it easy.

Today I pulled the card out of the camera, stuck it in the reader on my new laptop and downloaded a few images captured while making a few short trips to town lately. These are a few that I thought were worth posting.


The flocks of geese on two nearby ponds wintered over but that didn’t stop them from practicing formation flying. I think this gaggle needs more practice forming a V.


This horse seems a brighter shade of red each time I see it…..or it might be the meds… meds, not the horses.


I’ve shot this old place several times over the past couple of years. It must have been a grand home at one time..


If only walls could talk this place would have some tales to tell.


I spent several minutes waiting for this guy to wander across the road. He finally got out of my way just as I was beginning to think he’d look good in my kitchen……fried!


You have just been mooned.


Another tasty bird who wandered out in front of me. He’s lucky I opted for shooting him with a camera when my belly was growling handgun was close by.


Speaking of bellies; Buddy is beginning to get downright chubby! He actually waddles when he’s “leading” one of us around the house.


I originally thought he enjoyed rolling in the snow. We now know that he enjoys rolling around, snow or no snow! That dog is a clown!