The view from my perch on the mountain

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Leaning trees

Our elevation above sea level and harsh winter weather sometimes produce some interesting sights, among them trees permanently bent by the winds coming over the ridges.


Sometimes the effect is subtle and only noticed when other objects are nearby.


In other areas it’s more pronounced.


Even the fence posts take on a life of their own as the rocky soil and the effects of frost heave cause them to dance and weave across the landscape.


After the storm

The nor’easter that brought blizzard conditions to much of the East Coast and buried Mom’s part of the state in more than a foot of snow was much easier on us but we still got our share of winter weather. Strong winds overnight and about 6 inches of powdery snow produced white out conditions at times and drifting snow kept the plow operators busy.


All that has changed now and, while it is still unusually cold for this early in the season, we have clear, sunny skies and the world looks fresh and clean.


These are a few of the shots I got while out running errands this afternoon.


The largest peak in the center of the shot above is Big Walker Mountain. The series of saw tooth ridges to the right are some of the Seven Sisters.


The Wytheville water tower can be seen outlined against the far ridges in this frame, shot through the windshield while returning to town from the gun shop out of Rte. 21.

Note to self: When field stripping Laura’s target pistol for cleaning never, ever, ever hit the slide release while removing the barrel assembly!


Another shot, from a different angle along Barrett’s Mill Road, with the water tower silhouetted against the ridges.


The white scar on the ridge in the distance is a clear cut for high tension power lines.


Some enjoy the snow more than others. Buddy is a real snow dog. When he’s not romping or rolling in the snow he likes to stick his snout in it and run along like that until his head is completely covered! My biggest challenge has been trying to stop laughing long enough to get photos of his antics.