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I’m still here

Just a few words to let my online family know that I didn’t forget about you. I’ve been trying to write this since yesterday so forgive me if I ramble.

My family appreciates your outpouring of sympathy and grief over Sam’s loss more than you could possibly imagine. The response we received when I let y’all know that he had been ill was heart warming but the reaction to his death from all of you was both heartwarming and astounding. Not having him in our lives is a little easier to bear with each new day but I just can’t focus on photography or writing. The words won’t come and nothing seems to look right through the viewfinder. There are still too many reminders of him in everything I do.

The girls and I sat down together and agreed that while no dog will ever be able to take Sam’s place he would be upset to see us grieving the way we are and that he wouldn’t mind having another dog in the family to help him watch over us. Anytime one of us was hurt, ill or upset he made it his mission to comfort and console us, almost as if he was trying to take our pain.

We’ve decided on adopting a rescue animal and have narrowed the field down to three, a year old red hound at an animal rescue facility in a neighboring county and two Labrador Retrievers, one yellow and approximately 3 years old and the other solid black and about a year old. Both of the latter are at the local animal shelter and will be available for adoption the end of the week if their owners haven’t claimed them. We visited the shelter to allow a dog to choose us, rather than the other way around. Both of those Labs acted just like our boy, trying to lick us to death while the tails wagged the entire dog. We have an appointment to meet Badger, the hound, Thursday morning, with the same goal in mind, to see if he chooses us. One way or the other we want to provide a loving forever home to a deserving animal.

If I don’t get another blog written between now and then you can be sure I’ll have some photos to post over the weekend to introduce everyone to our new family member. I wonder what he will think about becoming world famous overnight. Sam sure was! I also won’t be the least surprised if the new guy picks up some of Sam’s old tricks. We all still feel his presence in the house and it would be just like him to give the new kid a few pointers. I could swear I’ve heard his little “let’s go for a ride” whoof a couple of times and I’ve caught myself talking to him several times, as well. Both girls say they’ve caught glimpses of him at different times and Frankie felt him climb up on the bed to keep her back warm.

Once again, our most heartfelt thanks to all of you. Sue Mac is right when she says that friends are the family God lets you choose. I couldn’t have chosen any better.God bless each and every one of you.

My buddy

I don’t know how else to do this so I’ll just spell it out. As many of you are aware, my best friend Sam has been battling a sudden onset of illness for the past couple of weeks that we suspect may have been caused by deliberate poisoning. He had been responding to treatment and slowly regaining the weight and strength he had lost.

Last night he showed no interest in his food bowl even though Frankie had added a few special treats from the fridge. This afternoon he had a bloody stool followed shortly after by vomiting a large amount of blood. Our vet is out of town until Monday so we called the toll free veterinary emergency line. By the time the vet in town called us back Sam was no longer able to stand or even lift his head and his breathing was very labored. The vet agreed to open her clinic but even the 10 minute drive to town took its toll and he was just too ill to save. Putting him down was the only option left.

Sam finds a home, July 2004 

Frankie and I stayed with him until he drew his last breath because we didn’t want him to die in the hands of strangers. Laura arrived shortly after and had a chance to say good bye to the first dog she had ever had. When we first moved here we promised Laura she could have a dog as a way of easing the heartache of leaving all of her friends back home. It seems like only yesterday when she brought that little furry ball of teeth and energy home from the cow shed where he had been born.

IMG012 (2)

We’re trying to take comfort in the knowledge that Sam is in a better place and his suffering is at an end.Still, this was the hardest decision I have ever had to make and I have had to make some tough ones in my day. He will be sorely missed.

Triust me, the cats did it.

Sam the Wonder Dog

21 May 2004 – 27 November 2010

He was a very good boy