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A new visitor

A cold front moved in overnight, dropping our overnight temperatures to below freezing. Despite today’s sunny skies the brisk wind and low 50 degree air temperature had me wearing layers when Sam and I went outdoors today. While he snoozed in a patch of sunshine at my feet I turned my lens towards the American Goldfinches visiting Burd Town today.


There seemed to be at least one on every branch.


They’re not really that chubby.


As a defense against the icy winds birds puff their feathers away from their skin to trap air and create a layer of insulation.


As I was scanning the branches for more Goldfinches I got a surprise.


Burd Town is one of my favorite shooting sites and I’ve seen many species on the feeders or perched in the tree but this is the first time I’ve seen this guy.


I’m no ornithologist but after some online research and a browse through our Pederson’s Field Guide I’m pretty certain this is a Purple Finch.


Now that most of the leaves are off the tree it’s much easier to spot birds in the upper branches. Most species seemed to develop much brighter plumage during the winter months and I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one.


More fall color

Several days of heavy rain and strong wind has knocked a lot of the leaves out of the trees, cutting the leaf peeping season short this year but there is still some color if you just look around  bit.







While the rains are gone the strong winds are still with us. I still have a few places in mind that are sheltered by taller ridges and should still be showing some color and I will be out to see what there is to see, and shoot, in the coming days. Best of all, my buddy Sam is on the mend and that grinning black face will soon be hanging out the window again!