The view from my perch on the mountain

Back on track

Our visitors have returned to the flatlands so it’s time to get back to our normal routine. Things are looking up today. My Mp3 player, which mysteriously died while we were way out in the boonies Sunday, just as mysteriously returned to life today. We usually wander so far back in the valleys and hollows that the radio is useless. With the Mp3 player connected to an FM transmitter Sam and I can have an uninterrupted serenade no matter where we wander.

Sam the Wonder Dog 

As you can see, Sam is once more serving in his role as co-pilot, navigator and partner in crime. That filthy windshield is a good indicator of how dry our weather has been lately. Godzilla will be headed to the car wash tomorrow to get those miles and miles of country road washed away.

New River at Foster Falls

A last gasp of summer heat and humidity will keep me indoors for the rest of today but an approaching cold front is promising cooler temperatures towards the end of the week. Time to break out my maps, photo diary and travel planner. Once the fall air moves in Sam and I will be out and about again, doing our level best to capture the splendor that is autumn in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


One response

  1. Thats the easy life… I want one, too!!

    September 21, 2010 at 3:10 PM

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