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Waiting on my world to change

The title was inspired by the John Meyer single “Waiting on the World to Change”. Although the lyrics strike a chord in me, this post deals with a wait that is not political in nature. I’m just waiting for the sun to return. As the edge of what once was Tropical Storm Nicole passes through the Mountain Empire I just had to get out and shoot some frames to soothe my itchy shutter button finger.IMG_7965









The weather guessers are calling for mostly sunny skies for the next two days and I hope they’re right because the fall colors are beginning to appear. In the meantime………..


…………I’ll be waiting for my world to change.


Even in the rain

A cold front moved in overnight bringing much cooler temperatures and rain. Though the rain is badly needed this may be a case of too much of a good thing before all is said and done. Forecasters are calling for as much as 5 to 6 inches before we see the sun again midweek.


Even with the low ceiling, reduced visibility, drifting fog and passing rain showers the autumn colors are still visible on the north facing slopes.


It won’t be long before the foliage is at peak color and I’ll be spending a lot more time roaming with Sam and enjoying the milder weather.


Today was mostly a scouting trip. I’ll be back to shoot this abandoned home on Swallow Hollow Road a dew more times as the leaves change and fall away revealing more of the building.


Even the golden rod seemed more vivid in the rain.